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"If you believe, no explanation is necessary...if you don't, none is even possible."

                                       Jean Eugene Robert-Houdin

No, you can’t touch it.  But like love or happiness - if you let it, Magic will touch you.  And though you'll never see it directly,  its reflection can be seen in the smiles on the faces of those that it has touched.  You can't hear magic either.  But if you listen carefully you will hear its unmistakable echo in the giggles and laughter left in its wake. 


Yes, Magic is real.  And though it won't change the world, it does change people.  And those people - the ones  touched by magic - they do change the world.  They are the ones, who answer prayers, who grant wishes and make our dreams come true.  They are the ones who make our world a better place.  

 And as long as we have them I know magic is real!

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